Thank You Notes

Truth be told, I always complained about writing thank you notes as a kid. I hated that I had to sit down and write something… whether it was Christmas or a birthday my mom always “encouraged” me to do it. Largely I dreaded it because I didn’t know what to say or I would much rather have just said it when I saw the person. But now as an adult, I realize how truly special it makes someone feel when you send them a handwritten thank you note. That expression of gratitude and the time it took to just acknowledge someone’s generosity is truly important.

Be it a wedding, a birthday, or even a simple dinner party acknowledging someone else’s efforts go a long way! Showing you are gracious person, appreciative of others is so important. As Emily Post’s Wedding Etiquette says, “Whatever the gift, whether a place setting or a gift of time or talent, it must be acknowledged.”

Unfortunately so often people for-go thank you notes to reduce the cost of their stationery. It’s silly because it really can be so affordable! Afterall a gift from someone is as Emily Post puts it, “a tangible representation of love and support, a generous offering.” Expressing your gratitude is necessary.

I recently had the lovely opportunity to work with Maggi, a bride whose wedding was shot by my talented friend Joel Austell.  When I met Maggi, I loved her energy and her excitement. She came to me with the unique idea to design a thank you card comprised of snapshots of her entire wedding. Because many of her guests couldn’t be present at the wedding, Maggi really wanted to provide them with a glimpse of the entire day. We worked together to design a beautiful piece and I am grateful for the artistic liberties she allowed me to take on this piece!


I just love the photo thank you cards because the items also work as a keepsake. For Maggi I designed the front of the card and the back of the card so that the recipient could cut it apart and frame it. I just love the idea that someone has another token of your appreciation. And not to mention, I always love seeing how the photos turned out!

Here are some inexpensive options from Carlson Craft. Adorable, affordable folding cards as well as postcards!

 (Sorry the quality is a little poor, it’s hard to take a picture of a picture!)

Remember that saying thank you is so critical. Here are some tips on saying thanks:

1. Be prompt! Traditionally a bride and groom have up to a full year to send a thank you from the date of their wedding. But really, it’s awfully inconsiderate to take that long to let someone know their gift arrived and/or was received.

2. A separate, handwritten thank you note should be sent for each present you receive. If you decide to have pre-printed thank you cards, try to write a personal message or sign the card.

3. If the bride writes the thank you, she should mention the groom as well. But also remember that the groom can write them too!

4. Follow a guideline to help you complete the note. Remember to address the gift giver, thank them for their specific contribution and why it is meaningful. And remember that even gifts of time and acts of kindness are often the best gifts, not just tangible items.

Many thanks dear readers for tuning in and reading my post!

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