A Little Q & A

Being in the wedding and events business is pretty unique – I meet scores of interesting and amazing people that sometimes really excite me and definitely challenge me. With any event I am working on I get asked a lot of questions that I answer time and time again. So it dawned on me – let’s do a Frequentyly Asked Questions Series! Yeah! So I thought it’d be great to put together the top questions for you lovely readers:

Q: How much do invitations cost?

A: Asking how much an invitation costs is like asking “how much is  a car or a house?” It always depends on the things you select! Just like a Ferrari is higher priced than a Ford, you’re getting something different at a different price point. As with any purchase, if you have a budget in mind it’s best to be mindful of that and communicate your needs up front. My best advice is never to blow your budget on anything because it’s never worth regretting something, especially with weddings. You’re not just planning a wedding here- it’s a marriage and a future. Believe me, there’s no shame in telling a vendor how much you are able to spend – helps us do our job better!

Q: What influences the price of invitations and paper goods?

A: When selecting invitations, programs, or any item for your event consider first your quantity needed then the quality and details. Upon determining how many you need, then you can dive into the design. Obviously a custom design requires a set up and artwork. The printing style you select will also influence price. For example, digital printing is typically far less expensive than thermography, letterpress, or engraving. Having more than 1 ink color or special color-matched inks will also change the price. When selecting papers its important to keep in mind that more paper can mean more money. If a client chose a pocket invitation with two or three layers of paper versues a flat traditional card, the price would probably increase. Additionally, sometimes specialty papers such as recycled papers, specialty linens, or shimmer papers can influence the cost of an item. Lastly, embellishments such as ribbons, rhinestones, or trims can influence cost, but also makes your pieces unique.

Q: How quickly can I receive my invitation?

A: This question is tough because again, it depends on what a client chooses! I like to say atleast 2-3 weeks. Yes items can be rushed, but with rushing comes added expense and the risk of error. When working with a company outside of California (the majority of well-known invitationers are not local) it poses a challenge because of time difference, shipping, and the fact that I am unable to walk into the press area to see what’s going on! When dealing with some of the invitation companies out there such as Inviting Company, Carlson Craft, and Encore, I prefer to allow plenty of time to ensure a high-quality result and no rush fees. On the other hand, custom designs, though seemingly more expensive and can sometimes require a special set-up, can actually be turned around quicker. Working with my fav local printers to produce the same high quality item allows me to check on the design, visit press rooms, and sreduce shipping costs.

Q: What’s your design style?

A: I have been asked this question time and time again, and I really have a hard time answering this one. (Just ask my husband when trying to pick stuff out for our house I change my mind by the minute!) When desiging invitations, I first let the client’s personality and preferences guide me. Obviously color schemes and inspiration for an event are the best way for me to come up with a great design to compliment. But, overall I notice I tend to be drawn to lots of color, unique designs, and definitely a touch of traditional. Especially when it comes to weddings, I like to design pieces that I know a client will look back on ten years from now and still love it. You know – looking back at your mom’s or grandmother’s stuff and saying wow that was so 60’s or 70’s! I don’t want someone to be embarassed by a bizarre color choice or something too trendy. I am also a huge proponent of quality work. I am constantly impressed by beautiful papers, unique textures, and embellishments. I love exceptional quality and timeless designs (like Encore) because the final product will be unlike anything you’ve seen before and arrive in pristine condition.

So… that’s the top 4 most frequently asked. Stay tuned for the next round!

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